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One Student’s Review

The following is a de-individualized student essay about experiences with writing to learn methods.

The professor has put much focus and emphasis on the theory behind mathematics and Calculus problems. He first introduces theory and challenges the class to apply theory to mechanics and solve problems presented to us in class. Although some theories are particularly dense, the professor spends much time clearly presenting the topic and ensures that the class understands. This approach to teaching Calculus, through theory rather than repetition of problems, contributes to a broader purpose in conditioning and training the class for deep learning.

In my personal experience in Calculus II I can attest that deep learning methods has positive effects in the class. Prior to attending the University of South Alabama, I was enrolled in an academic curriculum based on international scales and standards, so my exposure to calculus and mathematics were significantly higher than the rest of my peers.

Upon beginning the class, I was familiar with concepts that the professor was teaching; however, learning theory was a challenge that presented itself to me as well as my peers. As the class continued into the semester, my peers and I have gotten into small study groups and compiled our ideas of certain theory topic and created a reflection on our shared knowledge and understanding, and through class meetings.

The professor’s mentoring and tailoring of our ideas has helped me to discover the meaning behind the mechanics of math problems. In learning mathematics through theory, I discovered that application of theory goes beyond mathematics. In daily reflections on theory and problems that the professor provides the class with, I am able to discover that my understanding of the Calculus has expanded. Furthermore, our exams test students on what they have learned, rather what they have not. The professor gives students credit for what they understand. After the test we are given the opportunity to make up what we have not yet understood.